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Important Security Alert

Energy Scam Warning In the wake of energy market volatility following the mid-February cold snap in Texas, there has been an increase in energy scams. This often occurs amid such catastrophic events. Unfortunately, there are people who prey on others during times of instability.  Their schemes rely on pressuring you into quick decisions that frequently come […]

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wind power turbines

Wind power has its down side – new research

The Harvard Study A 2019 Harvard University study indicates wind power provides long-term advantages over natural gas and coal. However, wind may not be as clean as previously thought. The study showed that large wind deployments require more land than accounted for by initial studies. Research also revealed early findings failed to identify turbine-caused temperature

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Ohioans Oppose Regulated Energy Market

Study Shows Ohioans Oppose Regulated Energy Market Ohio voters oppose a regulated energy market, according to a Fallon Research poll. Throughout 2016, the largest electric utilities in Ohio discussed restructuring competitive markets within the state. Despite the utility giants’ efforts to change the established seven-year construct, Ohio voters may be the biggest political snag in

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