Utility Invoice Management

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Simplify and Streamline

Stop manually tracking your utility invoices!

Our detailed reporting functionality allows for continuous data mining and analysis that helps businesses track, understand, and manage their utility costs.

Is it time to streamline your utility invoice management processes? Do you receive your utility bills each month, pay them, and file them away?

Or do you take it a step further and enter the data in a spreadsheet hoping to identify glaring errors? That’s a great start, but many billing errors aren’t always obvious.

Duplicate bills, incorrect rates, defective meters, and inaccurate bill dates are just a few of the problems commonly found on utility bills. Such errors are costly, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  Left unchecked, utility bill errors can add up to a significant impact on your bottom line.  

Your business deserves better.

On-demand benchmarking for consumption, expense, and sustainability metrics.

The Benefits Of Utility Invoice Management

Our customers are finding that our utility invoice management solution is an investment that pays for itself. We receive the invoice, upload copies, track the relevant data, and alert you to billing problems quickly. That saves you tracking time and precious hours spent on error resolution. It also reduces late payment charges and helps identify missing bills.

We also help customers reduce wasted energy – and money – because our invoice management solution is also a powerful benchmarking tool that helps customers promptly identify efficiency opportunities. On demand reporting provides easy to understand graphs that display historic use, cost, and carbon footprint data.

Reduce Waste

– Identify and resolve billing errors

– Reduce late fees

– Isolate and address excess consumption


– Dashboard with charts/graphs 

– Custom reports

– Accounts payable/general ledger reporting

– Accounting system integration


– Dashboard quickly reveals efficiency opportunities

– Annual/monthly comparisons gauge efficiency success

– Facility-level  analytics isolate anomalies

Facility Management

– Natural gas, electric, water, and telco tracking 

– Contract storage

– Cloud-based invoice retention

– Sustainability and compliance management

Case Study

Utility Invoice Management Works

Confronted with stacks of invoices, billing errors, and new compliance reporting demands, the housing authority needed a more robust management system that just couldn’t be achieved through their manual spreadsheet tracking.

Alternative Energy Source proposed utility data management as a solution.

Utility Invoice Management Case Study

Gain Control of Your Utility Costs With Invoice Data Tracking

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