Energy Management Services

Of course your business is important to you – it’s why you do what you do. But do you find yourself surprised by the variety of responsibilities that require other subject-matter expertise?

Since energy is constantly changing, managing your company’s utility needs can seem like a full-time job in itself. Minimally, it requires knowledge of market trends, regulatory changes, and contract language. But the most effective energy management strategies identify ways to reduce consumption through conservation, Efficiency and Solar programs while exploring revenue-generating opportunities like Demand Response and PLC Management. 

We can point you in the right direction if you want to learn how to manage your own program, but doesn’t your business deserve your undivided attention?

We think so – it’s why we do what we do.

Whether you’re buying energy for the first time or are a seasoned facility manager, you know that securing a good energy contract is a fundamental first step. 

But when it comes down to it, there’s more to a good contract than what appears to be the lowest-price offer. Often, those prices are really variable rates that are only good for an introductory period. After that, the rate skyrockets, leaving your business with an expensive contract that can be cost to exit. The bottom line is that contract language can be the difference between a good deal and an expensive rip off.  It helps to have an informed Energy Consultant compare prices and analyze contract terms.

When we work on your behalf, we align your energy buys with your goals and budget. So from price requests to contract evaluation and results presentation, you can be confident your energy strategy protects your best interests. 

Commercial Energy Services

You don’t have to be an energy expert to have confidence in the solution you assemble. Alternative Energy Source helps customers of all industries, sizes, and knowledge levels understand their options. With a comprehensive approach to customized energy programs, you can be sure your goals and budget will guide the proposals you receive.

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Why Choose Alternative Energy Source

There are plenty of options when it comes to buying energy or implementing solar and energy efficiency plans. It pays to take a few minutes and evaluate the best choice for your business.

Here are a few things to consider:

Alternative Energy Source has successfully managed energy programs for businesses for over 25 years. That’s how you know we know energy and can use that knowledge to help our customers make decisions that promote their success.

Watch out for companies that haven’t been around long. Here-today-gone tomorrow brokers often employ high-pressure sales tactics that aren’t in your best interest.

Before you agree to anything, research company reviews and complaints. Protect your business from energy scams!

We don’t like confusing contract terms and hidden fees either. So you can count on Alternative Energy Source to clearly explain what you can expect to pay as well as the terms of your contract.

Watch out for brokers that claim to offer their services free of charge. They often represent a specific supplier which means you aren’t being presented with a variety of offers.

Energy definitely isn’t a one-size-fits all industry. Just like your business is unique, the amount of risk that’s appropriate for you is specific to your circumstances. Varied contract terms and different tools for managing your energy consumption and expense give you important options for protecting your bottom line from energy expense. From Demand Response and Capacity Pass Through to Energy Efficiency, Alternative Energy Source offers choices ideal for your business today as well as solutions that will support your growth tomorrow.

Watch out for brokers that don’t take the time to understand your business needs. This could lead to unfavorable contract terms and unexpected expenses.

We know energy. It’s what we do every day. And we enjoy sharing that knowledge with our customers. It’s the foundation of our commitment to partner with our customers in developing an energy strategy that’s consistent with their larger business objectives. We excel at that, not just because we have extensive industry experience, but because we understand what it takes to grow a business.