Save More With Energy Efficiency

Finding it difficult to control your energy costs? Alternative Energy Source’s Energy Efficiency programs are helping businesses reclaim power over energy expenses.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re stuck with the highs and lows of energy prices. You use what you need and pay the bill each month. When rates go up, your budget feels the pinch.

But you don’t have to feel stuck with, “it is what it is.”

Energy efficiency measures give businesses control over how much energy they use. Consumption goes down and as it is said around here…the cheapest energy is that which you don’t use.

It works – give it a try.

From simple conservation measures to swapping out old light bulbs with energy efficient LEDs, discover the benefits an energy efficiency plan can bring your business.

Develop An Energy Efficiency Plan For Your Business

Energy Efficiency for Business

Businesses are turning to energy efficiency to save energy and money while giving themselves a competitive edge in a marketplace that values sustainability. 

You’re busy running your business so it’s likely you’ve considered energy efficiency projects, but haven’t had a chance to get around to it. But with more than 75% of businesses like yours having already taken at least one step to reduce energy consumption, reality suggests it’s not as difficult as it seems.

Energy Efficiency Is Good For Business

The number of businesses taking steps to become more energy efficient points to another significant fact – consumers prefer to do business with environmentally conscious companies. In a 2017 study, more than 85% of people indicated they would have more trust, feel more loyal, and hold a more positive image of a company that supports sustainability.

Similarly, businesses indicate corporate sustainability priorities are important when it comes to recruiting new talent.

Energy Efficiency Pays For Itself

Beyond improved reputation, energy efficiency reduces consumption and controls cost. In fact, for both industrial and small commercial buildings alike, studies show simple paybacks from energy savings alone of 2 years or less – meaning annual energy savings of at least 50%.

Businesses like yours have been surprised when they realize energy efficiency programs really do work. And then they wonder why they waited.

Energy Efficiency Planning

It’s okay if you don’t have time for energy efficiency. We are glad to help – it’s what we do. Our team will walk you through planning, financing, implementation, and benchmarking.

Not sure where to start? Take advantage of our free consultation today.

Energy efficiency might seem like more work than what your busy schedule will allow, but some free, quick measures have proven effective in reducing consumption while building an energy-smart culture within your business.


  • Turn lights off when not in use.
  • Disconnect unnecessary fixtures.
  • Use timers.
  • Take advantage of daylighting.

Office Equipment

  • Power down equipment not in use.
  • Use smart power strips to power down equipment in sleep mode.
  • Disable screen savers and enable power saving mode.
  • Phase out CRT monitors. Replace with efficient LED models.


  • Change filters regularly.
  • Clean in front of vents/air intakes.
  • Clean around fan blades/condensing unit. 
  • Adjust thermostat based on occupancy.


  • Insulate walls/windows/pipes/ducts/outlets.
  • Examine building for drafts, specifically around window and doors.
  • Repair leaks using caulk or weather stripping.
  • Running the heat or AC? Keep windows and exterior doors closed.

Operations and Education

  • Conduct a building walk-through to identify lighting and equipment that is left on but could be turned off, particularly during off-shift times.
  • Educate employees. Let them know about energy-saving priorities.
  • Explain the ways behavior impacts consumption.
  • Develop a team tasked with promoting and implementing energy efficiency.
  • Establish metrics for success and reward accomplishment.
  • Get an audit. Alternative Energy Source provides free energy efficiency audits to help with this.
  • Benchmark. Regular measurement and review is essential to monitoring the success of conservation and efficiency measures and often helps identify additional areas for improvement. Alternative Energy Source offers Utility Data Management which is ideal for this purpose.

With lighting representing roughly 20% of commercial energy usage,  it’s also a great place to start when developing an efficiency strategy. The changes are usually easy to make and often produce noticeable results quickly. 

In fact, the numbers show that “6.5% of a building’s energy consumption can be saved by low or no-cost capital investments.” Additionally, almost half of a building’s energy consumption can be saved through implementation of a developed efficiency plan.

Alternative Energy Source can help you design the best energy efficiency plan for your business. We draw on years of experience and a portfolio of energy efficiency upgrades including:


– T12 to T8/T5 upgrade
– Solid state ballasts
– Lighting retrofits
– Electrical upgrades
– Occupancy Sensors

Plug & Process

– Building automation
– Electric motors and drives
– Energy management and benchmarking

Heating & Air Conditioning

– Boilers, steam traps, and pumps
– Chillers, rooftop, and new AC units
– Temperature control systems
– Heat wheels
– Thermal ice storage
– Variable frequency drives

Building Envelope

– Windows
– Doors
– Roofs


Many school districts rank energy budget expense second only to salary.

What if money saved through efficiencies could be spent on actually educating students?


Key Opportunities

  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Office equipment
  • Benchmarking


Energy expense for high-demand factories can exceed 20% of total operating costs.

Wouldn’t energy savings be better spent on making the organization more competitive?


Key Opportunities

  • Motors and equipment
  • Air compressors
  • Process heating
  • Benchmarking


A typical 200,000 sq ft hospital spends more than $13,000 per bed on energy.

What if energy savings could be directed to patient care improvements?


Key Opportunities

  • Lighting
  • Operating room setbacks
  • Benchmarking
  • HVAC retro-commissioning


Over 15 million multifamily housing facilities represent potential energy savings of 15%-30%.

What if energy savings could be used to finance additional upgrades and improve tenant spaces?


Key Opportunities

  • Air sealing
  • Insulation
  • Benchmarking
  • Tenant education


Discover energy efficiency opportunities and learn about steps you can take to reduce energy consumption and cost. We can help you make a plan and put that plan into motion. With various financing options, energy efficiency is possible for any size or type of business.